The product

There is a reason for the popularity of lime-based plaster applications in different countries for so many centuries. Venetian plaster from Italy, Shikkui plaster from Japan, Tadelakt from Morocco they all were developed for luxury or high-end construction using limestone based building materials. Luxury Lime plasters, also know as Italian, Venetian, Polished or Marble plaster, are made out of slaked lime and marble dust. Once it dries, the plaster continually absorbs CO2, actually returning it back to limestone. It’s non-flammable materials result in excellent fire resistance, naturally killing bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds due to high alkalinity.

Using topline plaster products manufactured in Italy, we apply more than dozens of different finishes in a wide range from traditional ‘tuscan stone” to modern “poured concrete” look.

The finish

Just 1/16 of an inch of Luxury Lime Plaster can transform an ordinary wall, ceiling, or fireplace into an extraordinary statement piece with the look and feel of noble stone. Masterly troweled over a level 4 drywall finish, a layer of our unparalleled plaster brings style and conversation into any room. Using thousand-year-old traditional techniques, the application process can include three or more coats of the product to achieve the desired surface appearance.